Human Reproduction

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From Human Reproduction

2023 -

  • Correction: Investigation of the effects of heparin and low molecular weight heparin on E-cadherin and laminin expressions in rat pregnancy by immunohistochemistry. 
  • Childhood cancer and hematological disorders negatively affect spermatogonial quantity at diagnosis: a retrospective study of a male fertility preservation cohort. 
  • Qualitative evaluation of the acceptability and feasibility among healthcare professionals and patients of an ART multi-cycle treatment planning and continuation intervention prototype. 
  • Association between body mass index, weight loss and the chance of pregnancy in women with polycystic ovary syndrome and overweight or obesity: a retrospective cohort study in the UK. 
  • Preclinical workup using long-read amplicon sequencing provides families with de novo pathogenic variants access to universal preimplantation genetic testing. 
  • Long-term outcomes of switching to gonadotrophins versus continuing with clomiphene citrate, with or without intrauterine insemination, in women with normogonadotropic anovulation and clomiphene failure: follow-up study of a factorial randomized clinical trial.