Future Microbiology

(ISSN: 1746-0913, 1746-0921)

Mission Statement

There are widespread efforts to elucidate new biologic pathways and gene products in microbiology with a view to developing potential therapeutic strategies to combat or prevent infection. At the same time, the development of resistance to current treatment strategies is a continuing problem. In this setting, Future Microbiology provides an interdisciplinary forum for all scientists with a keen interest in infectious diseases. The journal includes news and views, full review articles, clinical research, literature awareness, concise commentary and analysis, and reports from the conference circuit.

Coverage includes:

  • Molecular basis of microbial diseases
  • Microbe–host interactions
  • Overviews highlighting optimal therapeutic and diagnostic approaches, along with potential future options
  • Use of microbes in the treatment of disease and genetic engineering
  • Summaries evaluating newly approved antimicrobial agents
  • Pharmacoeconomics and cost–benefit issues in microbiology
  • New and re-emerging microbes impacting human health
  • Microbial genome research, and the implications to higher organisms
  • Microbes and cancer
  • Epidemiologic studies and trends
  • The problem of drug resistance, and potential methods to overcome this
  • Defense against the use of microbes in bioterrorism

Articles are subject to peer-review by three independent referees on a double-blind basis. Authors publishing in the journal are asked to disclose any professional or financial interest that may be perceived as causing a conflict of interest in the context of the article.

The journal welcomes unsolicited article proposals.

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