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  • How Much Responsibility Should Hospitalists Have in Readmission Prevention? 
    Should hospitalists be held responsible for discharged patients? When do you cut the cord?
  • Prepare for the Worst 
    The authors present some quick tips for handling an agitated patient and de-escalating a potentially volatile situation before it spirals out of control.
  • Hospital Violence Hits Home 
    Are you safe in your hospital? Recent incidents of violence against physicians and hospital staff leave some worried, but there are steps to be taken which can increase security.
  • Reversing the Slide 
    Are hospitalists lacking fundamental skills in common bedside procedures?
  • Hospitalists Are on the Front Line of Treating Patients With Thromboembolism 
    Thromboembolism is the most common cause of preventable death in the hospitalized patient. How can you reduce VTE risk in your hospital?
  • Much Ado About Hospital Quality 
    Learn about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' HACRP, Hospital VBP, and other incentive programs, in this brief article. What might they mean for your hospital?
  • A Path to Better Quality, Lower Costs 
    Hospitalists are in a unique position to reduce overuse and overtreatment and rein in costs while improving quality of care.
  • Eyes Wide Open 
    How can you fit direct observation into an already busy day? Here are some ideas for how to adapt and leverage your workflow to create new opportunities for resident skills assessment.
  • Do You Really Need an MBA? 
    Are you considering an advanced management degree? Take a moment to think about your goals and and return on investment.
  • Front-Line Hospitalists Prepare for Infectious Disease 
    Hospitalists play a key role in ensuring their hospitals are prepared in the event of an outbreak of infectious disease, be it Ebola, MERS, or something new.
  • Hospitalists' Evolving Role in Healthcare Reform 
    Will hospitalists be ready for the changes coming by way of healthcare reform? Hospital medicine guru Bob Wachter, MD, MHM, offers an optimistic view of hospitalists' role.
  • 10 Things Oncologists Think Hospitalists Need to Know 
    Cancer patients can be some of the most challenging who come into a hospitalist's care. These 10 tips from oncologists may help.
  • 10 Things Obstetricians Want Hospitalists to Know 
    Many hospitalists feel a wave of trepidation when confronted with treating a pregnant woman. Here are 10 tips to help increase your comfort level.
  • Tricky to Treat 
    Managing inpatients with diabetes presents many unique challenges. What does the hospitalist need to know?
  • Hospitalists Take Charge 
    Hospitalists are key figures in promoting antimicrobial stewardship. What steps can you take to ensure proper antibiotic use in your hospital?
  • Information Overload 
    Are hospitalist salaries keeping up? Take a look at the latest report from the Society of Hospital Medicine to see current trends in compensation, and how yours compares.
  • Medical Decision Making: Avoid These Common Mistakes 
    Learn the coding and documentation mistakes hospitalists make most often, along with some tips on how to avoid them.
  • Model Physician 
    This inspirational profile of a hearing-impaired physician demonstrates how his disability has actually aided in his communication with co-workers and patients.
  • Punt 
    As Congress once again delays implementation of ICD-10 and Medicare cuts tied to the sustainable growth rate formula, frustration among hospitalists grows.
  • Raised Expectations 
    Are you aware of this little known revision to Medicare's rules for discharge planning and evaluation?

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