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  • Hepatitis C
    The authors conclude that we must be prepared for the fact that increasing numbers of HCV-positive recipients with allografts failing due to recurrent HCV will be asking to be retransplanted—and we do not know yet how to respond to this request.
  • Diagnosis and Management of Benign Liver Tumors
    What are some of the benign liver tumors that can present in patients, and how are they most easily diagnosed and treated? Are surgical approaches the most effective?
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Liver resection and transplantation remain 2 of the preferred treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma. Is one method more successful than the other?
  • Antiviral Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis B in Pregnancy
    How should pregnant women with hepatitis B be managed? Read this new study to learn about the options clinicians have for treating this specific subset of patients.
  • Chronic Hepatitis B
    Is antiviral therapy considered to be the most optimal treatment for chronic hepatitis B? This new article discusses various therapeutic options.

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