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From Europace

2023 -

  • Preclinical assessment of the feasibility, safety and lesion durability of a novel 'single-shot' pulsed field ablation catheter for pulmonary vein isolation. 
  • Comparison of methods for delivering cardiac resynchronization therapy: an acute electrical and haemodynamic within-patient comparison of left bundle branch area, His bundle, and biventricular pacing. 
  • Association of electrocardiographic spatial heterogeneity of repolarization and spatial heterogeneity of atrial depolarization with left ventricular fibrosis. 
  • Electrophysiological characteristics and long-term outcome of substrate-based catheter ablation for left posterior fascicular ventricular tachycardia targeting fragmented antegrade Purkinje potentials during sinus rhythm. 
  • Exploring the incremental utility of circulating biomarkers for robust risk prediction of incident atrial fibrillation in European cohorts using regressions and modern machine learning methods.