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Obesity Week 2022

November 01 - 04, 2022; San Diego, California

November 01 - 04, 2022 San Diego, California
  • Obesity Week 2022 More Weight Loss With Surgery Than New Obesity Meds: Meta-Analysis Weight loss was lower with a GLP-1 agonist than with bariatric surgery, in a small review article and meta-analysis, but researchers have yet to directly compare surgery with new dual or triple agonists.
  • Obesity Week 2022 Tirzepatide Lowers Weight Across All Groups With Obesity The anti-obesity medication semaglutide (Wegovy) 'took things up one big notch, and now tirzepatide [which is still awaiting approval for weight loss] is up a little notch above that,' one expert commented.
  • Obesity Week 2022 New Dual Agonist Weight Loss Injection Impressive, But Early Days The 'bottom line' is that this potential new anti-obesity/diabetes drug is 'very promising, but [it is] still a little early to say where it ultimately will go,' says one obesity expert.

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