Headache Associated With COVID-19

Epidemiology, Characteristics, Pathophysiology, and Management

Pedro Augusto Sampaio Rocha-Filho MD, PhD


Headache. 2022;62(6):650-656. 

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Headache associated with COVID-19 is frequent, commonly with a similar pattern to tension-type headache or migraine phenotype, and is usually treated with common analgesics and NSAIDs. This type of headache may persist beyond the acute phase, and in these cases, improves over time. However, not all patients improve. There seems to be a greater proportion of patients who improve in the first 3 months after the acute phase of the disease than after this period. COVID-19 may trigger NDPH. Although the characteristics in the acute phase of the disease are already well known, there is a need for studies on its management and persistence.