Management of Complications From Brain Metastasis Treatment

A Narrative Review

Kevin Diao; Alan J. Sosa; Gabriel Zada; Seema Nagpal; Eric L. Chang


Chin Clin Oncol. 2022;11(2):11 

In This Article


The incidence of brain metastases is increasing due to more advanced imaging modalities, more frequent brain imaging, and improved cancer treatments for metastatic disease. Furthermore, numerous new and effective multimodality brain metastasis therapies have been developed over recent years that have led to both improved survival in patients with brain metastases and better preservation of neurocognitive function. As a result, however, brain metastasis therapies are associated with a greater range of potential side effects than ever before, and clinicians are tasked with the challenge of effectively managing these side effects without compromising cancer outcomes. In this review, we have summarized the major complications from intracranial radiotherapy, neurosurgical resection, and brain metastasis directed systemic therapy and corresponding evidenced-based, modern management principles to guide the practicing oncologist.