Optimal Management of Brainstem Metastases

A Narrative Review

Joan Y. Lee; Danielle A. Cunningham; Erin S. Murphy; Samuel T. Chao; John H. Suh


Chin Clin Oncol. 2022;11(2):15 

In This Article


PubMed and Embase were used to compile retrospective studies of brainstem metastasis treatment, case series and case reports describing diagnosis of brainstem management, and case series and case reports describing clinical management of brainstem metastasis on July 1, 2021 (Table 1). Keywords and MeSH terms searched included "brainstem metastasis", "symptomatic brainstem metastasis", "brain metastasis", "stereotactic radiosurgery brainstem", "whole brain radiation brainstem", "brainstem metastasis resection", "brainstem radiation toxicity", "brainstem radiosurgery toxicity", "brainstem radiosurgery dose", and "radiosurgery dose tolerance". Titles and abstracts were screened for relevant articles and studies. References from full-text articles were screened for additional studies. Case reports and case series describing symptomatic brainstem metastasis were included only if the symptomatic neurologic deficit was attributed to a brainstem metastasis. Retrospective cohort studies that were conducted before 2007 were excluded. All co-authors contributed, reviewed, and approved the selected literature for this review.