Comorbidities and Co-Medications Among 28 089 People Living With HIV

A Nationwide Cohort Study From 2009 to 2019 in Japan

Toshio Naito; Mai Suzuki; Shinichi Fukushima; Mayumi Yuda; Nobuyuki Fukui; Shotaro Tsukamoto; Kazutoshi Fujibayashi; Keiko Goto-Hirano; Ryohei Kuwatsuru


HIV Medicine. 2022;23(5):485-493. 

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Analysis of data from 28 089 PLWH receiving ART in Japan showed that the cumulative burden of chronic comorbidities and non-AIDS-defining cancers increased with age and that co-medication was more common among older patients. These findings suggest that special treatment and attention by physicians are needed to support the development of optimal healthcare strategies for different age groups, particularly the increasing population of older individuals. Further, non-AIDS-defining cancers are more common than AIDS-defining cancers, especially among older PLWH. A thoughtful review of the strategies used for screening cancers in older PLWH would probably demonstrate benefits to patient populations.