Takotsubo Syndrome: Pathophysiology, Emerging Concepts, and Clinical Implications

Trisha Singh, BM; Hilal Khan, MB BCh BAO, MRCP; David T. Gamble, MPharm, MBBS; Caroline Scally, MBChB; David E. Newby, DM, PhD; Dana Dawson, MD, DPhil


Circulation. 2022;145(13):1002-1019. 

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Takotsubo syndrome is increasing in incidence and becoming more widely recognized in the medical community. The diagnosis can be challenging, and clinicians must look for signs distinguishing takotsubo syndrome from other causes of acute myocardial injury. The use of multimodality imaging may help in this regard and improve our understanding of its underlying pathogenesis and pathophysiology. At present, takotsubo syndrome remains a poorly understood condition with substantial morbidity and mortality without proven or effective treatments that urgently need to be addressed.