Intramedullary Headless Compression Screw Fixation Technique of Metacarpal Fractures

John Chao, MD; Steven Cai, MD; Mark Granick, MD


ePlasty. 2022;22(ic2) 

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Case Description

A 31-year-old right-hand-dominant female presented one month after sustaining a right fifth metacarpal shaft closed transverse fracture after punching a hard surface. She was initially seen in the Emergency Department, splinted, and referred. She reported tenderness and limited range of motion of the proximal interphalangeal joint (PIPJ). On exam, she had a total arc rotation of 30 total degrees at the PIPJ and metacarpophalangeal joint (MCPJ). On imaging, the fracture had 40 degrees of dorsal angulation. Due to the pain and angulation deformity of her little finger, operative fixation was indicated. Intramedullary screw fixation (IMF) was the chosen method.