Gonadotropin Suppression for 7 Years After a Single Histrelin Implant for Precocious Puberty

Douglas Villalta; Jose B. Quintos


J Endo Soc. 2022;6(2) 

In This Article


We present a patient with continuous gonadotropin suppression for 7 years after a single histrelin implant. Gonadotropin hormone analogues are effective treatments to delay compromise in height attainment in patients with central precocious puberty. Creation of a database that tracks the insertion and removal of histrelin implants can reduce the likelihood of an implant remaining longer than clinically indicated. With this, further studies are needed to demonstrate the effectiveness of long-term suppression of gonadotropin hormones beyond what is currently being reported in the literature. Further studies are also needed to elucidate the mechanism of the prolonged gonadotropin suppression beyond 2 years.