Cryotherapy Treatment of Cutaneous Kaposi Sarcoma in a Patient With B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

A Case Report and Short Review of the Literature

John Doupis, MD, PhD; Georgios Festas, MD; Konstantinos Tsekouras, MD; Antonios Seretis, MD; Christos Fountzilas, MD, FACP


Wounds. 2022;34(1):E1-E6. 

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Cryotherapy has been used in a variety of cutaneous malignancies. The microscopic effects of liquid nitrogen application on tissues mainly due to the reduction of local temperature and consequent freezing have been studied widely in vitro and in vivo. Considering that the method is relatively simple and with few adverse effects, the authors of the current study believe that cryotherapy may represent a simple and safe treatment method for cutaneous KS. However, more studies should be conducted to further evaluate the effectiveness of cryotherapy as a promising treatment for cutaneous KS.