An Approach to the Evaluation and Management of the Obese Child With Early Puberty

Christine B. Tenedero; Krista Oei; Mark R. Palmert


J Endo Soc. 2022;6(1) 

In This Article


Medline, Embase, and Cochrane databases were searched using the following MeSH terms: precocious puberty AND (overweight or obese or obesity). Search limits included publications from January 1, 2000, to May 21, 2021, and English language. The initial search resulted in 345 publications. Redundant or irrelevant material was eliminated, as were articles focusing primarily on other forms of sexual precocity, such as premature adrenarche. Additional references were identified from the reference lists of the selected articles.

The terms overweight and obesity are defined in most of the cited literature as body mass index (BMI) between the 85th and 94th percentiles and ≥ 95th percentiles, respectively, although not all articles adhered to these distinctions. Moreover, available literature does not support different conclusions for these 2 categories in girls. Thus, for simplicity, from here on in this review, the term obesity is used to refer to BMI ≥ 85th percentile.