Hair Loss on the Presidential Ballot in
South Korea

By Medscape Staff

January 07, 2022

A presidential candidate's new proposal has gained support for his campaign — particularly among bald men.

What to know:

  • In South Korea, presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung proposed Wednesday that hair loss treatments should be covered by the national health insurance program.

  • Though not bald himself, his proposal has led to a swell of support among bald voters; online communities for bald people have been overrun by users voicing their approval.

  • Such treatments are currently only covered for hair loss caused by certain diseases by South Korean state health insurance, not for hair loss hair as a result of aging or hereditary factors.

  • Lee is the candidate for the current governing party in South Korea and is now leading public opinion surveys.

  • Critics have called Lee's proposal a populist move to win votes before the election in March.

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