Periodontal Diseases Tied to a Higher Risk of Chronic Illnesses

Pavankumar Kamat


January 07, 2022


  • Periodontal diseases (including gingivitis and periodontitis) were significantly associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), cardiometabolic disease (CMD), autoimmune diseases (AID), and mental ill-health (MIH).

Why this matters

  • Findings highlight the need for effective communication between dental and other healthcare professionals to ensure patients receive an effective treatment plan targeting both oral and extraoral health.

Study design

  • A retrospective cohort study used data from the UK IQVIA Medical Research database (1995-2019).

  • 64,379 patients with a diagnosis of periodontal disease (exposed group) were matched with 251,161 participants without periodontal disease (unexposed group).

  • Funding: Medical research council Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research.

Key results

  • At study entry, the exposed vs unexposed group had an increased risk of (adjusted OR; 95% CI):

    • CVD (1.43; 1.38 to 1.48);

    • CMD (1.16; 1.13 to 1.19);

    • AID (1.33; 1.28 to 1.37); and

    • MIH (1.79; 1.75 to 1.83; P < 0.01 for all).

  • During the follow-up of individuals without pre-existing outcomes of interest, the exposed vs unexposed group had an increased risk of developing (adjusted HR; 95% CI):

    • CVD (1.18; 1.13 to1.23);

    • CMD (1.07; 1.03 to 1.10);

    • AID (1.33; 1.26 to 1.40); and

    • MIH (1.37; 1.33 to1.42; P < 0.01 for all).


  • Retrospective design.

Zemedikun DT, Chandan JS, Raindi D, Rajgor AD, Gokhale KM, Thomas T, Falahee M, De Pablo P, Lord JM, Raza K, Nirantharakumar K. Burden of chronic diseases associated with periodontal diseases: a retrospective cohort study using UK primary care data. BMJ Open. 2021;11(12):e048296. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-048296. PMID: 34924359 View Full Text.


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