Parsonage–Turner Syndrome Following Coronavirus Disease 2019 Immunization With ChAdOx1-S Vaccine

A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Bruno Kusznir Vitturi; Marina Grandis; Sabrina Beltramini; Andrea Orsi; Angelo Schenone; Giancarlo Icardi; Paolo Durando


J Med Case Reports. 2021;15(589) 

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Abstract and Introduction


Background: Parsonage–Turner syndrome is an acute peripheral neuropathy that affects the upper brachial plexus region. Previously published reports demonstrate that the condition can be triggered by surgery, infection, autoimmune diseases, strenuous exercise, trauma, radiation, and vaccination. Parsonage–Turner syndrome has already been reported in three other patients who were vaccinated against coronavirus disease 2019.

Case Presentation: We report the case of a 51-year-old Caucasian man without comorbidities who received the first dose of the ChAdOx1-S recombinant vaccine (Vaxzevria, AstraZeneca, Oxford, UK) against coronavirus disease 2019 and was diagnosed with Parsonage–Turner syndrome. A few days after getting vaccinated, the patient reported a progressive increase in pain in the region of vaccine administration. One month later, the shoulder pain was followed by symptoms of hypoesthesia and muscle weakness on abduction and elevation of the left upper limb. Neurological examination revealed an atrophy of the proximal muscles of the left upper limb, accompanied by paresis of the left deltoid, biceps brachii, triceps brachii, and infraspinatus muscles. Electroneuromyography carried out 3 months after the onset of symptoms showed signs consistent with brachial plexus neuritis. The adverse reaction has been properly reported to the Italian Pharmacovigilance System (Italian Medicines Agency—Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco.

Conclusion: The increased awareness of such association is essential for early identification and diagnosis and, thus, better clinical outcomes.