Environmental Exposures: Evolving Evidence for Their Roles in Adult Allergic Disorders

Kaoru Harada; Rachel L. Miller


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2022;22(1):24-28. 

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Future Directions

Current research on environmental causes of allergic diseases has favored studies in children more than the adult population. Further research is needed in adults, including causes for adult disease onset, persistence, and remission. Longitudinal studies are needed to assess the effects of dose and timing and windows of susceptibility to environmental exposures through adulthood. Future research on mitigation strategies is essential as evidence in this area is limited, as noted in the recent NAEPP guidelines. Additional insight into biomarkers such as connectivity patterns between allergens and molecular signatures such as DNA methylation changes may help identify patients who are more susceptible to environmental exposures and would benefit from customized recommendations.