Reconciling Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial With Eighth Joint National Commission

A Nuanced View of Optimal Hypertension Control in the Chronic Kidney Disease Population

Ekamol Tantisattamo; Anum Hamiduzzaman; Peter Sohn; Rebecca Ahdoot; Ramy M. Hanna


Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2022;31(1):57-62. 

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Although lowering the BP target has been proved to improve clinical outcomes in the general population, potential adverse events may occur especially in the at-risk population such as geriatric and CKD patients. Different from some large retrospective studies indicating greater adverse outcomes from lower BP, recent clinical trials conclude the benefits of intensive BP control even in geriatric patients, although adverse events occurred. Recent hypertension guidelines from various medical societies provide recommendations to lower BP targets based on data from the trials. Implementing scientific information from studies and selecting guidelines to manage BP should be justified and individualized for specific populations particularly in geriatric and CKD patients whereas further studies are warranted.