Osteoporosis, Bisphosphonate Use, and Risk of Moderate or Worse Hearing Loss in Women

Sharon G. Curhan MD, ScM; Konstantina Stankovic MD, PhD; Christopher Halpin PhD; Molin Wang PhD; Roland D. Eavey MD, SM; Julie M. Paik MD, ScD; Gary C. Curhan MD, ScD


J Am Geriatr Soc. 2021;69(11):3103-3113. 

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In this large nationwide longitudinal study of women with decades of follow-up, osteoporosis and LBD were associated with increased risk of incident moderate or worse hearing loss. The magnitude of the elevated risk was similar among women who did and did not use bisphosphonates. The risk of hearing loss was higher among women with a history of vertebral fracture, but not of HF. Osteoporosis and LBD may be important contributors to aging-related hearing loss.