Oncologist Teams With Local Food Services to Offer Patients Healthy Choices

Marie DeFreitas

November 15, 2021

You are what you eat, so the saying goes. For one doctor, he's determined to ensure what his patients eat has a positive influence on their everyday lives. 

Leonardo Forero, MD, an oncologist at Texas Oncology Cancer Center in Amarillo, Texas, has teamed up with two local food and vegetable prep services to offer his patients and staff healthier alternatives that are part of an anti-inflammatory diet. 

"When we think about health or oncology, we only think in a very technological operation," Forero told KAMR Local 4 News "We forget the little, simple things we can do to improve the outcome of the patients.

With the help of local meal prep service Eighty-Twenty and farm coop Nuke City Veg, Forero was able to set up two displays in the foyer of Texas Oncology. The Eighty-Twenty display holds premade meals that follow an anti-inflammatory diet, while the Nuke City Veg display contains pre-packaged produce, such as salad mixes and tomatoes. There are hopes that both displays will be expanded in the future,

Each selection from Eighty-Twenty is designed to be easy to prepare and health-conscious. "They're individual meal preps that you can heat up in various ways," said Monti Smith, owner of Eighty-Twenty. "They consist of an anti-inflammatory diet. So there's no dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, legumes, or rice in anything."

Eighty-Twenty offers a new menu each day consisting of high-quality organic ingredients. Each meal costs $7.50 and there is a four meal minimum. The company even offers a build-your-own meal option for picky eaters or those with allergies. Their meals are available for pickup and delivery in Amarillo. 

Nuke City Veg is a multi-location urban farm in Amarillo. The company grows leafy greens, roots, and vegetables year-round without the aid of pesticides or other chemicals.  

"We forget what is the best medication," said Forero. "The best medication is your food. You are what you eat, and exercise."

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