Treatment of Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Picking the Best Path

Sandip P. Patel, MD


November 23, 2021

In addressing aspiring clinicians regarding therapeutic options for non–small cell lung cancer, Sandip Patel, MD, uses the analogy of a carefully plotted journey in which the traveler must choose among many possible paths. This requires not only an adequate "map" that shows all relevant diagnostic approaches, but also the skill and sensitivity necessary to make proper use of it to ensure that the right therapy, or path, is selected. Dr Patel uses an example of a patient with an EGFR mutation who also has PD-L1 > 50% to illustrate the importance of waiting for the totality of information before selecting a therapeutic path. In this patient example, the PD-L1 score may come back before the genomic results and lead clinicians to use immunotherapy before discovering that a targeted therapy option, such as osimertinib, could be used.


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