Synthetic Hybrid-Scale Fiber Matrix in the Trauma and Acute Care Surgical Practice

Luis Fernandez, MD, KHS, KCOEG, FACS, FASAS, FCCP, FCCM, FICS; Adam Shar, MD; Marc Matthews, MD, MS, FACS; Paul J. Kim, DPM; Christopher Thompson, MBA; Natalie Williams, MPAS, PA-C; Mandy Stutsman, RN


Wounds. 2021;33(9):237-244. 

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Here are limitations associated with this preliminary case series. This was a small case series with 3 patients. This is a retrospective series and is therefore dependent on the availability and accuracy of the data records. A case series is subject to selection bias because of the self-selected nature of the cases. Because of the small number of patients, it was not possible to establish a control arm for comparison; instead, historical data from the institution were used where appropriate. Owing to the retrospective nature of this study, protocols and outcomes measures were not normalized. The hybrid-scale fiber matrix was used together with other modalities, such as a silver collagen dressing, and additional work is needed to further elucidate the precise effect of each of the modalities on the healing response when used in combination. The positive outcomes observed in this study warrant further evaluation in a large randomized controlled study to investigate whether the findings reported herein are generalizable to a larger patient population and to further evaluate the effects of the hybrid-scale fiber matrix on wound healing, when used either alone or in combination with other treatment modalities.