Dietary Vitamin K Intake and the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

A Prospective Study of 101,695 American Adults

Dao-Wu Yu; Qu-Jin Li; Long Cheng; Peng-Fei Yang; Wei-Ping Sun; Yang Peng; Jie-Jun Hu; Jing-Jing Wu; Jian-Ping Gong; Guo-Chao Zhong


Am J Epidemiol. 2021;190(10):2029-2041. 

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Dietary intakes of phylloquinone and dihydrophylloquinone, but not menaquinones, were found to be inversely associated with the risk of pancreatic cancer in this US population. Because of the observational design of our study, our findings do not imply causation and need to be confirmed in other populations and settings. If the causal association is established, increasing the consumption of foods rich in phylloquinone or dihydrophylloquinone may be an attractive strategy for the prevention of pancreatic cancer.