Complication Trends and Costs of Surgical Management in 11,086 Osteoporotic Patients Receiving Lumbar Fusion

Shane Shahrestani, MS; Xiao T. Chen, BA; Alexander M. Ballatori, BA; Andy Ton, BS; Joshua Bakhsheshian, MD; Raymond J. Hah, MD; Jeffrey C. Wang, MD; Zorica Buser, PhD


Spine. 2021;46(21):1478-1484. 

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In this study, osteoporotic patients treated with autologous grafts had higher rates of complications compared to those treated with nonautologous grafts. Anterior and posterior approaches had similar complication rates; however, the anterior approach was associated with a higher total cost. Future studies with in-depth clinical data will need to validate the results of this study and further describe variables that are meaningful to the clinical management of osteoporotic patients in need of lumbar spine fusion.