Antipsychotic Medications: Enhancing Use to Improve Outcomes

Hiroyoshi Takeuchi; Stefan Leucht; John M. Kane; Ofer Agid; Gary Remington


Schizophr Bull. 2021;47(5):1201-1204. 

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Abstract and Introduction


The search for more effective and better-tolerated antipsychotics continues, a strategy that is important but also challenging.[1,2] In the meantime, we still have much to learn regarding the drugs currently available and it would be unfortunate if we do not continue to address these gaps in knowledge. Almost 70 years of experience with antipsychotics suggests that there is little left to know regarding optimal clinical use. Regretfully, this is not the case—there remain numerous questions regarding clinical use as basic as dose, dosing, and switching. We highlight this point with recent evidence that advances our knowledge in these areas, at the same time calling into question current strategies that arguably have achieved the status of clinical dogma.