Cost-Effectiveness of Corrective Fusion Surgeries for Adult Spinal Deformities

A Comparison by Operative Method

Hideyuki Arima, MD, PhD; Tomohiko Hasegawa, MD, PhD; Yu Yamato, MD, PhD; Masashi Kato, BS; Go Yoshida, MD, PhD; Tomohiro Banno, MD, PhD; Shin Oe, MD, PhD; Yuki Mihara, MD, PhD; Hiroki Ushirozako, MD, PhD; Tomohiro Yamada, MD; Yuh Watanabe, MD; Koichiro Ide, MD; Keiichi Nakai, MD; Kenta Kurosu, MD; Yukihiro Matsuyama, MD, PhD


Spine. 2021;46(18):1249-1257. 

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We summarized the medical costs and cost-effectiveness of three surgical methods for ASD in patients with different backgrounds over 2 years postoperatively. The highest medical expense for the initial surgery was noted in the LLIF group. The cumulative improvement in QALY over the 2 years was higher in the LLIF group, although the difference was not significant, and the lowest overall cost-effectiveness was noted in the LLIF group.