Vaccine Mandates Spread After FDA Approves COVID Vaccine

Dejania Oliver

August 24, 2021

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While dozens of companies began mandating masks or vaccinations for workers or costumers — and sometimes both — because of the coronavirus Delta variant, many more firms and governments are joining the movement following the FDA's decision to grant the Pfizer vaccine full approval on Monday.

For them, the FDA decision removes one of the final barriers to requiring vaccinations: That the vaccine wasn't yet fully approved. While exemptions do exist, in some cases anyone refusing to be vaccinated will have to undergo regular testing for COVID-19.

More mandates was a goal for some. President Joe Biden on Monday specifically asked private companies to now require vaccinations. The Pentagon, too, on Monday announced it would move forward with its plans to require military personnel to get the shots.

Here is a list of companies and governments requiring vaccines:



  • GoogleVaccine requirement for employees returning to the office.

  • Facebook — All employees must get vaccinated before returning to the office.

  • Microsoft — Employees, vendors, and guests entering Microsoft's buildings will need proof of vaccination.

  • Twitter — Employees returning to offices must be vaccinated.




Medical/pharmaceutical companies:



  • Tyson Foods — Office, slaughterhouse, and poultry plant employees must be vaccinated by Nov. 1.

  • Texas Instruments — Workers required to get vaccinated.

  • Chevron — Employees who work in other countries, travel internationally or work on U.S.-flagged ships must be vaccinated.


  • Apple — Both staff and customers need masks in stores in high-risk areas.

  • Uber — Office workers must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

  • Kroger — Employees are required to wear a mask.

  • Walt Disney — Mandated masks for all guests indoors regardless of vaccination status.

  • Walmart — Reimposing mask rule for employees in high-risk areas.

  • Home Depot — Employees are required to wear a mask.

  • Target — Employees are required to wear a mask.

  • Lowe's — Employees are required to wear a mask.

  • McDonald's — Employees and customers are required to wear masks in high-risk areas.

  • Verizon — Masks are required in all stores for unvaccinated customers and employees.

  • Publix — Employees are required to wear a mask.

  • Aldi — Unvaccinated employees and customers are required to wear masks.

  • CVS — Unvaccinated employees and customers are required to wear masks.

  • Amazon — All Employees are required to wear a mask. 

  • Target — Employees in high-risk areas must wear masks. 


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