Painful and Non-painful Diabetic Neuropathy, Diagnostic Challenges and Implications for Future Management

Troels S. Jensen; Pall Karlsson; Sandra S. Gylfadottir; Signe T. Andersen; David L. Bennett; Hatice Tankisi; Nanna B. Finnerup; Astrid J. Terkelsen; Karolina Khan; Andreas C. Themistocleous; Alexander G. Kristensen; Mustapha Itani; Søren H. Sindrup; Henning Andersen; Morten Charles; Eva L. Feldman; Brian C. Callaghan


Brain. 2021;144(6):1632-1645. 

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Search Strategy and Selection Criteria

References for this review were identified by searching PubMed for articles in English with no language restrictions for articles published mainly from 2010 to 2020. We used the search terms 'Diabetes Mellitus' [All Fields] OR 'type 1 diabetes' [All Fields] OR 'type 2 diabetes' [All Fields] OR 'neuropathy' [All Fields] OR 'Diabetic peripheral neuropathy' [All Fields]. Additional keywords were 'diagnosis' [All Fields] OR 'diagnostic criteria' [All Fields] OR 'nerve conduction' [All Fields] OR 'small fibre neuropathy' [All Fields] OR 'skin biopsy' [All Fields] or 'quantitative sensory testing' [All Fields] OR 'cornea confocal microscopy' [All Fields] OR 'treatment'. Keywords were initially used as single search items and then combined using the Boolean operator 'AND'. The final reference list is based on this search, supplemented with references from the authors' own dataset.