Comparison of Blood Counts and Markers of Inflammation and Coagulation in Patients With and Without COVID-19 Presenting to the Emergency Department in Seattle, WA

Christopher M. Chandler, MD; Molly C. Reid, MPH; Sindhu Cherian, MD; Daniel E. Sabath, MD, PhD; Kerstin L. Edlefsen, MD


Am J Clin Pathol. 2021;156(2):185-197. 

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Our data bolster existing reports regarding laboratory alterations in patients with COVID-19. Overall, the laboratory findings we identified in COVID-19 patients are similar to those previously described, but our findings offer context to laboratory alterations in COVID-19 by providing direct comparison to patients without the disease at 3 different levels of acuity, a comparison lacking in the existing literature. As outlined, some laboratory alterations may be related to disease severity; however, additional, larger, prospective studies in more diverse cohorts are suggested to confirm the impressions in this retrospective, observational study. We emphasize that none of the changes in laboratory findings identified in this study are sufficiently specific for COVID-19 to alleviate the need for robust testing for the virus.