Effects of Two Personalized Dietary Strategies During a 2-year Intervention in Subjects With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

A Randomized Trial

Bertha A. Marin-Alejandre; Irene Cantero; Nuria Perez-Diaz-del-Campo; Jose I. Monreal; Mariana Elorz; Jose I. Herrero; Alberto Benito-Boillos; Jorge Quiroga; Ana Martinez-Echeverria; Juan I. Uriz-Otano; Maria P. Huarte-Muniesa; Josep A. Tur; Jose A. Martinez; Itziar Abete; Maria A. Zulet


Liver International. 2021;41(7):1532-1544. 

In This Article


This 2-year follow-up trial in overweight/obese participants with NAFLD showed that both personalized energy-restricted dietary strategies, the AHA and the FLiO diets, were able to produce a weight loss within the range recommended by the AASLD for the treatment of liver steatosis. Moreover, both diets promoted the improvement in anthropometry, body composition, glycemic profile, leptin, adiponectin, and hepatic status parameters. Thus, these approaches may be suitable alternatives for personalized dietary treatment of NAFLD. However, the FLiO strategy might provide greater and more persistent improvements in metabolic and hepatic status.