Comparison of Topical Fractional CO2 Laser and Vaginal Estrogen for the Treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome in Postmenopausal Women

A Randomized Controlled Trial

Paula Fernanda Santos Pallone Dutra, MD; Thais Heinke, MD, PhD; Stella Catunda Pinho, MD; Gustavo Rubino Azevedo Focchi, PhD; Fernanda Kesselring Tso, MD, PhD; Bruna Cristine de Almeida, PhD; Ivaldo Silva, PhD; Neila Maria Góis Speck, MD, PhD


Menopause. 2021;28(7):756-763. 

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In conclusion, histomorphometric analysis showed a significant increase in vaginal mucosa thickness in both groups, demonstrating that laser treatment is an effective option for the treatment of VVA. However, considering the proportion of increase in each treatment, we cannot state that there is an equivalence between the two treatments.

The increase in the sexual quotient of all participants at the end of their treatment demonstrates the impact of VVA on quality of life and the importance of its treatment and recovery of the normal physiology of the vagina.

Thus, the results presented suggest that fractional CO2 LT may be a viable therapeutic option, especially in situations where the use of topical hormones is not desired or contraindicated.