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Fibrinogen Concentrate or Cryoprecipitate for Treatment of Acquired Hypofibrinogenemia in Cardiac Surgical Patients

Nadia B. Hensley, MD; Michael A. Mazzeffi, MD, MPH, MSc, FASA


Anesth Analg. 2021;133(1):19-28. 

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Cryoprecipitate Content

Cryoprecipitate contains factor VIII, von Willebrand factor (VWF), fibrinogen, factor XIII, and fibronectin. The exact content of an individual cryoprecipitate unit depends on the methods used for preparation. In particular, VWF and fibrinogen content can be affected by the amount of plasma that is left for suspension.[15] Cryoprecipitate content is also affected by donor variability in factor activity and the type of freezer that is used for storage.[16] Most single donor cryoprecipitate units contain at least 250 mg of fibrinogen, which translates to 1.25 g of fibrinogen for a 5 donor pool or 1.5 g of fibrinogen for a 6 donor pool.[17] According to the American Red Cross, the mean factor VIII activity of a single donor cryoprecipitate unit is 136 IU and of a pool is 555 IU. The mean fibrinogen content of a single donor unit is 525 mg and of a pool is 2.5 g.[18]