Pro-Con Debate

Fibrinogen Concentrate or Cryoprecipitate for Treatment of Acquired Hypofibrinogenemia in Cardiac Surgical Patients

Nadia B. Hensley, MD; Michael A. Mazzeffi, MD, MPH, MSc, FASA


Anesth Analg. 2021;133(1):19-28. 

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Fibrinogen Concentrate Disadvantage: Higher Cost

Fibrinogen concentrate is very costly in the United States. Acquisition cost is approximately $1000 per 1 g. In comparison, a pooled cryoprecipitate unit (5 donor pool) costs around $300 to acquire, but there are also processing costs and significant costs related to wastage. In a recent economic analysis that accounted for cryoprecipitate wastage, it was estimated that the cost of fibrinogen concentrate would need to decrease by around 40% to be competitive with cryoprecipitate in the United States.[45]