Cutaneous Manifestations of Nutritional Excess: Pathophysiologic Effects of Hyperglycemia and Hyperinsulinemia on the Skin

Steven A. Svoboda, BS; Bridget E. Shields, MD


Cutis. 2021;107(2):74-78. 

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Ichthyosiform Skin Changes

Ichthyosiform skin changes refer to areas of xerosis and scaling that classically present on the anterior distal lower extremities. Although ichthyosiform alterations have been associated with numerous systemic diseases, they often represent an early finding in diabetic patients.[27,37] The development of ichthyosiform skin changes has been linked to the formation and accumulation of AGEs, which can cause defective cell adhesion in the stratum corneum. [37,38] Treatment with topical emollients and keratolytics may prove beneficial for the skin but do not improve the underlying systemic condition.[39]