Assessment of the Efficacy and Safety of Tocilizumab in Patients Over 80 Years old With Giant Cell Arteritis

Hubert de Boysson; Maelle Le Besnerais; Félix Blaison; Aurélie Daumas; Pierre-André Jarrot; François Perrin; Nathalie Tieulié; Alexandre Maria; Pierre Duffau; Bruno Gombert; Maxime Samson; Olivier Espitia; Marc Lambert; Arsène Mékinian; Achille Aouba


Arthritis Res Ther. 2021;23(143) 

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In conclusion, this study highlights that tocilizumab can be an option to reduce GC exposure in GCA patients over 80 years old. Mild-to-moderate adverse events are observed in one-third of patients and thus require constant vigilance.