Implications of Early Respiratory Support Strategies on Disease Progression in Critical COVID-19

A Matched Subanalysis of the Prospective RISC-19-ICU Cohort

Pedro D. Wendel Garcia; Hernán Aguirre-Bermeo; Philipp K. Buehler; Mario Alfaro-Farias; Bernd Yuen; Sascha David; Thomas Tschoellitsch; Tobias Wengenmayer; Anita Korsos; Alberto Fogagnolo; Gian-Reto Kleger; Maddalena A. Wu; Riccardo Colombo; Fabrizio Turrini; Antonella Potalivo; Emanuele Rezoagli; Raquel Rodríguez-Garcia; Pedro Castro; Arantxa Lander-Azcona; Maria C. Martín-Delgado; Herminia Lozano-Gómez; Rolf Ensner; Marc P. Michot; Nadine Gehring; Peter Schott; Martin Siegemund; Lukas Merki; Jan Wiegand; Marie M. Jeitziner; Marcus Laube; Petra Salomon; Frank Hillgaertner; Alexander Dullenkopf; Hatem Ksouri; Sara Cereghetti; Serge Grazioli; Christian Bürkle; Julien Marrel; Isabelle Fleisch; Marie-Helene Perez; Anja Baltussen Weber; Samuele Ceruti; Katharina Marquardt; Tobias Hübner; Hermann Redecker; Michael Studhalter; Michael Stephan; Daniela Selz; Urs Pietsch; Anette Ristic; Antje Heise; Friederike Meyer zu Bentrup; Marilene Franchitti Laurent; Patricia Fodor; Tomislav Gaspert; Christoph Haberthuer; Elif Colak; Dorothea M. Heuberger; Thierry Fumeaux; Jonathan Montomoli; Philippe Guerci; Reto A. Schuepbach; Matthias P. Hilty; Ferran Roche-Campoon


Crit Care. 2021;25(175) 

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Given that patients who received HFNC in this cohort had lower intubation rates but comparable ICU mortality, the most reasonable initial ventilation strategy in critically ill COVID-19 patients appears to be a closely monitored trial of HFNC, prioritizing rapid intubation and IMV in patients with a high risk of failure. Nonetheless, considering the highly uncertain and stressful clinical setting experienced during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, SOT and early IMV both represent safe and "cautious" initial respiratory support strategies. The presented findings, in agreement with classic ARDS literature, suggest that NIV should be avoided whenever possible due to an associated elevated ICU mortality risk.