Liquid Biopsy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer—Current Status and Future Outlook

A Narrative Review

Elisabeth Smolle; Valentin Taucher; Jörg Lindenmann; Martin Pichler; Freyja-Maria Smolle-Juettner


Transl Lung Cancer Res. 2021;10(5):2237-2251. 

In This Article

Discussion and Conclusion

Although today still sporadically used in clinical routine, liquid biopsy gains increasing popularity. Various different approaches and techniques are already available, differing considerably with regards to cost and level of sensitivity.

Liquid biopsy may be used for the primary assessment of mutations status, with a special focus on EGFR mutations – or else, as a screening tool during the disease course to assess treatment response or the secondary development of resistance mutations.

With this review of the literature, we sought to shed light onto the complex landscape of liquid biopsy techniques, and current applicability. In future, it is likely that the development of evermore precise, as well as cost-efficient liquid biopsy approaches will allow it to become standard in everyday practice, probably replacing tissue biopsy at large part. Thus, complication rates for patients could be minimized and constant disease monitoring would become considerably easier.