Liquid Biopsy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer—Current Status and Future Outlook

A Narrative Review

Elisabeth Smolle; Valentin Taucher; Jörg Lindenmann; Martin Pichler; Freyja-Maria Smolle-Juettner


Transl Lung Cancer Res. 2021;10(5):2237-2251. 

In This Article


Relevant data about the topic of liquid biopsy, with a special focus on NSCLC, was obtained via a PubMed search.[26] We specifically searched for "liquid biopsy", "non-small cell lung cancer", and in this context for "circulating tumor DNA", "circulating tumor cells", "mutations", "plasma micro RNAs", "tumor-educated platelets", "exosomes" and "clinical application". Our focus was to include mainly literature published from 2010 onwards, omitting, if possible, older studies.