Immediate Intravenous Epinephrine Versus Early Intravenous Epinephrine for Inhospital Cardiopulmonary Arrest

Abdullah Bakhsh; Maha Safhi; Ashwaq Alghamdi; Amjad Alharazi; Bedoor Alshabibi; Rajwa Alobaidi; Maryam Alnashri


BMC Anesthesiol. 2021;21(147) 

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Immediate epinephrine administration is associated with better rates of ROSC for up to 24-h for in-hospital cardiopulmonary arrests with non-shockable rhythms. This is achievable in the in-hospital setting. Therefore, we encourage initiating immediate CPR in conjunction with immediate epinephrine administration. Larger studies are required to investigate on the benefits of immediate epinephrine administration.