Sentinel Lymph Node in Cervical Cancer: Time to Move Forward

Vincent Balaya; Benedetta Guani; Basile Pache; Yves-Gérard Durand; Hélène Bonsang-Kitzis; Charlotte Ngô; Patrice Mathevet; Fabrice Lécuru


Chin Clin Oncol. 2021;10(2):18 

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The SLN biopsy is a sturdy alternative to systematic full pelvic lymphadenectomy for lymph node staging in early-stage cervical cancer. This technique illustrates the type of targeted and precise surgery and is drawn in the dynamic of less aggressive management of cervical cancer. In regard with the abundant literature, there is a trend in the acceptance of SLN biopsy in current clinical practice. In addition to a decreased morbidity, SLN provides more precise anatomic mapping and accurate histologic data. The 3 ongoing prospective studies mentioned above will offer decisive data that will definitively validate SLN biopsy for lymph node staging in early-stage cervical cancer.