Systematic Review of Free Tissue Transfer Used in Pediatric Lower Extremity Injuries

Mehul Thakkar, MBBS; Bartlomiej Bednarz, MBBS, MA(Cantab)


ePlasty. 2021;21:e2 

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The study was limited to a single database, and only studies published over the last 5 years were included in order to give an idea of the recent trends. Titles and abstracts were reviewed by 2 authors, which may lead to bias or articles being missed. The retrieved studies are all retrospective case series with a level of evidence of 4.

In 3 studies, defect location was not extractable. Minor flap complications such as partial necrosis or flap salvage procedures were not taken into account and overall limb salvage rates were not extracted, which may give more beneficial functional outcomes.

Further categories such as defect size, follow-up duration, time to soft-tissue coverage, donor/recipient vessel diameters, individual flap-type failure rates, reason for flap failure, and Gustilo-Anderson classification of injuries were beyond the scope of this study but would add further insight into flap selection and successful limb salvage.