Utility of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Management of HPV-associated Cutaneous Lesions

Jane Gay, BA; Nathan Johnson, MD; Varun Kavuru, BA; Mariana Phillips, MD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2021;26(2):6-8. 

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In conclusion, HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) may indeed have a therapeutic role in patients who suffer from dermatologic conditions that are associated with various strains of HPV. Anecdotal reports and case series have described improvement or resolution of cutaneous lesions with administration of HPV immunization, but conflicting reports documenting little to no benefit have also been published. An additional, ancillary question is whether the improvement in HPV-related disease is solely due to immune sensitization to viral antigen or if nonspecific stimulation of the immune system by the vaccine adjuvant plays a role. While the studies cited in this review are suggestive of potential benefit, larger, randomized trials with matched control groups are the necessary next steps to confirm the utility of HPV immunization in managing common cutaneous conditions associated with HPV.