Assessment of Outcomes After Limberg Flap Reconstruction for Scrotal Defects in Patients With Fournier's Gangrene

Mehmet Dadaci, MD; Mehmet Emin Cem Yildirim, MD; Serhat Yarar, MD; Bilsev Ince, MD


Wounds. 2021;33(3):65-69. 

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The Limberg flap reconstruction in scrotal defects following FG has important benefits: (1) it can be easily harvested, (2) it provides tension-free repair, and (3) it has acceptable cosmetic results. The authors conclude that use of a Limberg flap (designed from the thigh) offers a satisfying outcome in patients requiring reconstruction of scrotal defects. Additional prospective studies in a younger patient population are needed to establish the viability of the technique in patients with severe defects who are looking to preserve fertility.