A Narrative Review of Targeted Therapies in Meningioma

Lyndon Kim


Chin Clin Oncol. 2020;9(6):76 

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The treatment options for meningiomas have been very limited in the past with only surgery and radiation therapy as standard of care. Chemotherapy has been tried with modest results. Once the tumor recurs, the prognosis becomes poor. However, recent advances in diagnostics utilizing molecular genetic profiling, identification of specific genetic alterations and understanding its pathways and potential targets have opened up new therapeutic options in the management of meningiomas which are changing the paradigm of the clinical trial design that hopefully will, in return, improve the diagnostic and therapeutic outcome. A significant enthusiasm has been raised with the introduction of molecular targeted therapies and immunotherapies as our knowledge and understanding of vast complex tumor genomics continue to grow. If felt to be eligible, a participation in a well-designed clinical trial would be highly recommended.