Closed Pantalar Dislocations

Characteristics, Treatment Approaches, and Outcomes

Amir Reza Vosoughi, MD; Heather A. Vallier, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2021;29(7):278-287. 

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Associated Injuries

During dislocation of the talus from its surrounding three joints, fractures in the talus or the adjacent bones—ankle, calcaneus, and navicular—may occur.[2] Moreover, fractures of the fourth or fifth metatarsal bases has also been reported.[5,30] CT scan after successful closed reduction or for cases with irreducible dislocation may be considered to diagnose any possible fractured fragments that might be an obstacle for perfect reduction.[30] Reported cases in the literature without any associated fractures exist but with severe ligament injuries, such as ankle syndesmosis injury with anterior dislocation of the fibula.[34]