Safety of Copolyamide Filler Injection for Breast Augmentation

Shunichi Nomoto, MD; Keiko Hirakawa, PhD; Rei Ogawa, MD, PhD, FACS


Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2021;9(2):e3296 

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This study showed that the Aquafilling/Los Deline and Aqualift/Activegel copolyamide fillers appear to closely resemble existing PAAG fillers such as Aquamid and Amazingel in terms of clinical complications and composition. Because there have been many reports of complications after the use of copolyamide fillers and their long-term safety has not been established, these products should be viewed as having the same risks as other PAAG fillers when used for breast augmentation. We strongly recommend not to use these products at the present time.