School Nurses: Keeping School Children, Families, and Communities Healthy

Mayumi A. Willgerodt, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, FNASN; Catherine Yonkaitis, DNP, RN, NCSN, PHNA-BC


Am Nurs Journal. 2021;16(2) 

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Reliable Leadership

School nurses are on the frontline addressing children's healthcare needs and keeping them healthy for academic success. School nursing builds on the breadth and depth of professional nursing practice with new challenges each day, which require knowledge of emergency care, public health, occupational health, disaster management, surveillance, tracking, direct care, population health, case management, and behavioral health. As the only health experts in schools, school nurses are relied on for their leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills. School nursing represents an important opportunity not only to practice at the full scope of professional nursing, but also to demonstrate a profound impact on nursing-sensitive outcomes and community health.