Efficacy of the Application of a Purified Native Collagen With Embedded Antimicrobial Barrier Followed by a Placental Allograft on a Diverse Group of Nonhealing Wounds of Various Etiologies: A Case Series

George J. Koullias, MD, PhD


Wounds. 2021;33(1):20-27. 

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In this retrospective case series, the multimodal approach, consisting of initially improving all amendable metrics of arterial, venous, and lymphatic statuses of all wounds and then treating them with PCMP followed by dACM or HSAM, resulted in satisfactory wound closure rates in a diverse group of wounds in a patient group with multiple comorbidities. The author hypothesizes that PCMP, by serving as a sacrificial matrix for quenching proteases and by managing bioburden and preventing re-formation of biofilm, may aid in the progression of the wound from a stalled, pro-inflammatory state to one of wound healing. In addition, bridging to dACM or HSAM, either of which may serve as a source of regenerative cytokines and growth factors, may accelerate the proliferative and remodeling phases that may maximize the potential for wound healing.